Machine Errors After Profile Update

If you run into issues with Klipper Errors such as

unknown sensor 'temperature_fan chamber' unkown sensor 'temperature_sensor chassis'

after attempting to run newly generated gcode after updating your slicer profiles, you will likely need to update the config file on your machines to be able to run the new gcode.

The start gcode in newer profiles utilizes temperature sensors and fans that haven’t been enabled in older machine firmware.

Update Config File

Step 1: Access the Web Console

  • On the printers touchscreen, press the Configuration button then the Network button and an IP address will be on the top left

  • Type this IP address into a web browser on the same network to load the web console

Step 2: Navigate to the config file location

  • On the left, click machine, and then open the hardware folder

Step 3: Delete the old config file

  • Right Click on HS3-Manta-M8P-v1.x.cfg and delete.

Step 4: Download and upload the new config file

  • Download the file above

  • Select upload file in the web console and upload the downloaded file

Step 5: Firmware Restart

  • In the top right, press the power button and select firmware restart. Once the machine has rebooted, your firmware will be up to date. Automatic machine updates will be ready in the future.