Setting Up Your HS3


This quick-start guide briefly covers the installation and operation of the Pantheon HS3 Additive Manufacturing System. More detailed information regarding the topics of this guide can be found in the rest of this user portal.

It is recommended to perform all the installation steps at the machine. Do not perform operations from the web console that result in motion of the printer unless directly present, i.e. sitting in front of it with a computer.


CAUTION Failure to completely follow the instructions in this section may result in operator injury or damage to the machine. Do not begin the installation procedure unless all preparations for installation are taken or completed. Read the entirety of each instruction before beginning the task. Only perform the tasks in the order they are listed.

General Machine Requirements

  • Allow yourself ample space to unbox and install the machine.

  • The machine alone weighs approximately 65 kg (143lbs) and thus requires two people to lift or move.

  • The machine should be operated indoors within the nominal temperature range of 10-35℃.

  • The machine should be placed on a rigid and level surface. You need a sturdy table, a cheap IKEA table will break and drop the printer on the floor!

  • The recommended space requirements for the machine are 100 cm by 70 cm with at least 120 cm height to allow for the enclosure lid to open. If placed on a table or work surface, the surface should be able to support 65 kg. See for an idea of what we recommend.

  • The machine is powered from a standard 120VAC 15A wall outlet.

  • A strong and secured wireless network or ethernet connection is required.

Installation Video

CAUTION Use protective gloves when removing the machine from the shipping box.

Installation Steps

  • Using a hammer to bend back the tabs at the edges and bottom of the crate.

  • Remove the Lid of the crate first, then the side panels.

  • Remove the tape securing the door and lid of the machine.

  • Remove the protective plastic film from the machine

  • Using a 1/4” socket, or an empty multi-bit screwdriver, remove the brackets securing the machine feet to the crate base (4 pieces in total).

  • Inspect for any damage that may have occurred during shipping.

CAUTION Two people are required to move or lift the machine. Do not attempt to move the machine yourself. Use of a wheeled cart to move significant distances is recommended

  • Lift the machine from below the base plate and place it in its intended operating position.

  • Using a 4mm Allen key, unscrew and remove the shipping braces on the X, Y and Z ballscrews (5 pieces in total).

  • Locate a suitable electrical outlet and ensure the power switch on HS3 is in the OFF position. Plug the machine into mains power using the provided electrical cable.

  • Flip the power switch of HS3 to the ON position. The switch should illuminate. The servo motors of the machine will energize and an audible “clunk” may be heard. This is not a concern.

Connecting to your network


The Wi-Fi screen currently may take a long time to load. If after 5 minutes no networks appear, reboot the machine and try again. If the problem persists, contact support:

  • Select your network and enter the password


  • plug your ethernet cable into the ethernet jack on the back of the HS3, its located above the power cord receptacle

  • It may take 1-2 minutes for the ethernet to connect

Connecting to the Web Interface

Please connect to the web interface to validate that the network connection is active

  • On the printers touchscreen click the settings button then the network button

  • On the top left of the screen, it will display the local address, it will start with 192.

  • Type the IP address in a web browser connected on the same internet network as the printer and the web interface will load

  • See

If you’re unable to access the web interface, contact support:

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