Running A Print On The HS3

Getting A 3D Model

The following file types are supported by Pantheon Slicer: STL, 3MF, OBJ, and AMF

We recommend you export your 3D models as a high-quality STL

When exporting 3D models assure that:

  • you are exporting in the highest resolution your CAD tool provides, a 3D print will never have more resolution than the model.

  • Set your export model units to mm, other units may cause scaling issues

For more instructions on how to export a model from your 3D modeling software please refer to their references.

Slicing the model

Follow the instructions in the link here:

Uploading Gcode

On your web browser go to the URL of your printer

you can find this on the printers touchscreen, press the Configuration button then the Network button and the URL will be on the top left. See

On the web interface click on the tab G_CODE FILES. See

Click the Upload Gcode button and select the .gcode file you want to print.

Preparing the printer for a print

Prepping the bed

  • If the spring steel print bed is not hot proceed to the next step. Otherwise remove the bed and place on a work surface.

  • Inspect the spring steel print bed for any debris, scrape away an print material if present.

  • Wipe clean bed using methanol or 99% isopropanol (wear gloves when using methanol).

  • Apply a thin even layer of Bed Prep using the applicator. Place bed back in the printer if it was removed.

Check for loaded filament

  • Make sure there is enough filament loaded in the machine for your print job and the correct type of filament for your job.

  • Follow guide for load and unload procedure.

  • If the machine is cold, preheat the Extruder and Heater Bed to 100°C and allow it to heat for at least 5 minutes. This ensures the machine has time to thermally expand for better mesh leveling and a perfect first layer.

Start Print!

  • On the web console or printer touchscreen, select the gcode job file and press start print.