ALCA5 Heated Bed Replacement


  • Flush Cutters

  • 4mm, 6mm Hex

  • 10mm, 19mm Wrench

Step 1: Lower Bed and Power Off Machine

  • Using the front screen navigate to actions > move and press Z- to lower the bed to Z150.

  • You can then shut the machine off by going to config > system > shutdown > printer. Move the power switch at the back of the machine to the off position.

Step 2: Remove Bed Fastener

  • Using a 4mm hex and 10mm socket remove the three M6x75mm countersunk screws holding down the bed. Set this hardware in a safe place as we will be reusing them.

Step 3: Unplug Connectors

  • Unplug the heater and temperature connectors located at the rear-left of the spider plate. Take note of the release tabs shown below:


Step 4: Replace Bed

  • Now that the old bed is free, you can proceed to swap it out with the new one. Take note of the 3 locating features on the ALCA5 plate. There is a slot, point, and planar surface that should mate with the corresponding ball point set screws on the spider plate.

Step 5: Reinstall Hardware

  • Insert the M6x75mm countersunk screws into each of the three holes.

  • Reinstall the washers, spring perches, spring, and nylock nut in the correct sequence according to the diagram.

  • Torque the nylock nut until there is one full thread exposed on the end of the M6 screw.



Step 6: Reconnect Connectors

  • Reconnect the bed heater and temperature wires.

  • Power the machine back on.

Step 7: Check Bed Calibration

  • Connect to the web interface

  • Set the bed height

    1. Place a clean spring steel build sheet on the aluminum bed plate, do not use a textured sheet.

    2. Home the machine

    3. Probe the points over the kinematic mounts by entering the following command in the Console:

    4. Alternately you can use the following commands to probe a single point:

    5. Adjust the kinematic mounts until all 3 probe points are at +/- 0.030mm

    6. Tighten the locknuts with a 19mm wrench and check again.

    7. If needed, the kinematic mounts can be adjusted by as much as 0.040mm with the nuts tightened